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Sunshine Expected Throughout San Diego County

Palm trees with partly cloudy skies in the background in San Diego County. Sept. 26, 2020.
KPBS Staff
Palm trees with partly cloudy skies in the background in San Diego County. Sept. 26, 2020.

Low clouds and patchy fog continued near the coast Sunday morning, but some clearing is expected with most, if not all, areas seeing a return to sunshine Sunday afternoon, the National Weather Service said.

Temperatures will continue to run above seasonal norms under continued high pressure, the NWS said.

"Tranquil weather will continue through midweek with temperatures continuing above normal," forecasters said. "Late this week is when noticeable changes will be felt when it will turn much cooler with even a chance of drizzle and/or light rain."


High temperatures Sunday along the coast were expected to be 74-79 with overnight lows of 57-62. Western valley highs will be 82-87 with overnight lows of 56-62. Highs near the foothills will be 86-91.

Mountain highs are expected to be 81-89 with overnight lows of 52-62 and gusty winds of up to 35 mph. Desert highs will be 99-104 with overnight lows of 66-76 and wind gusts of up to 35 mph.

Slow cooling will continue to work inland over the next few days as the high-pressure system weakens and the marine layer rebuilds, forecasters said.

"The shallow moist layer will favor more dense fog development tonight along the coast, and then a bit farther inland in the coming days," the NWS said. "More significant cooling will arrive late this week as a trough passes, but low confidence with the strength and tracking of this system keeps any weather associated with it in question."

There is the potential for a significant pattern change next weekend with a large-scale low-pressure trough over southwest Canada and the northern Rockies developing, forecasters said.


"This trough could bring the chance for precipitation, strong winds, and cooler weather, or all of the above, with a slight risk of an offshore pattern developing as well," the NWS said.