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Windy Spell Ahead For San Diego Area

Blustery winds in San Diego as shown on Jan. 20, 2021
Alexander Nguyen
Blustery winds in San Diego as shown on Jan. 20, 2021

Following a spell of temperate days more typical of spring than winter, the San Diego area is in store for a blustery weekend that will start out cooler before ushering in a more dramatic warming spell, forecasters said Friday.

A high-pressure system that moved over the county midweek will dissipate this evening, bringing somewhat lower daytime temperatures Saturday along with winds out of the west blowing at speeds up to 50 mph or higher in the local mountains and deserts, according to the National Weather Service.

As the low-pressure canopy moves off to the east late Saturday evening, weak to moderately strong Santa Ana conditions will develop, the NWS advised. Gusts peaking at about 40 mph will continue into Sunday morning, and a follow-up surge of slightly weaker easterly winds is possible late Sunday night into Monday morning.


The return of high pressure also will warm things up for the latter part of the weekend and into the start of the workweek. Over the period, temperatures will climb to 5 to 10 degrees above normal in most areas, and some inland locales may see mercury readings in the low 80s on Monday, according to meteorologists.

Tuesday is expected to be a little cooler across the county, but still warmer than normal for late February, the NWS advised.

Still more local Santa Ana winds may develop Wednesday or Thursday, the weather service reported.