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San Diego Wades Into Water Policy

Councilwoman Sherri Lightner has been spearheading the effort to create a comprehensive water policy for San Diego. It seeks to provide guidance for the city on issues concerning water quality, supplies, conservation and importation among other things. Lightner said the document’s purpose is relatively simple.

“The main goal is to provide a framework for a sustainable water future for the city of San Diego,” she said.

Lightner expects the document to have a real impact.


“It will be there as a reference point, but it’s not a put-on-the-shelf document,” she said. “It won’t be a reference document per se, it needs an implementation action plan to follow.”

Lightner said it’s time for the city to take control of its water destiny, which she said is critically important to San Diego’s economy and quality of life.

Among the policy’s mandates: city support of a tiered water pricing system, and support for indirect potable reuse if water purification tests prove successful.