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KPBS Evening Edition

Immigration Policy And States' Rights

Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is a hot topic in California and especially in San Diego County. Discussion ranges from Governor Jerry Brown's veto of the Trust Act to whether the federal government's "Secure Communities" is asking too much of local law enforcement agencies.

DeWitt Higgs Memorial Lecture

Hosted by UCSD and California Western School of Law

Tuesday March 5, at 6pm.

Event is open and free to the public

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Gabriel Chin, an immigration law professor at UC Davis, addresses immigration issues in a lecture at UC San Diego.

He told KPBS it is not a crime to be in the U.S. without authorization.


"It is a crime to cross the border without authorization, it's also a felony to be in the United States if you've already been deported," he said. "But if you come into the United States on a non-immigrant visa, a tourist visa, a student visa, and you overstay your visa, that's not a crime."

"Just being in the United States is not itself a crime," he added.