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Mid-City Youth Look To Prevent Crime With Survey of Alcohol Retailers

Mid-City Youth Look To Prevent Crime With Survey of Alcohol Retailers

The Latino Youth Council released an assessment on Friday of 30 retail stores that sell alcohol in the Mid-City area. Of the 30 stores the group surveyed, at least 28 were out of compliance with state Alcoholic Beverage Control standards. The standards are aimed at preventing alcohol-related crimes, and are enforced by local law enforcement.

This is the third time the council has distributed the survey. This year, they went to stores in the City Heights and North Park neighborhoods of Mid-City. The survey included questions about loitering, littering and graffiti.

Gabriel Reyes is a youth council member and helped with the project. He said the Latino Youth Council’s years of working to prevent underage drinking has taught him an important lesson.


“Crime thrives in neighborhoods where laws are not obeyed and making money is more important than working for a stronger, safer community,” Reyes said.

San Diego City Councilwoman Marti Emerald, whose district includes City Heights, said Mid-City has a concentration of stores that sell alcohol.

“Many Mid-City neighborhoods are over concentrated with liquor stores and retailers who sell liquor and drug paraphernalia,” Emerald said.

Emerald also said the city and local police were reviewing the survey results, and will take action against any retailer who is disobeying the law.