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Obama Pledges Federal Help For Salton Sea

Associated Press
In this aerial photo exposed lake bed of the Salton Sea dries out near Niland, May 1, 2015.

Obama Pledges Federal Help For Salton Sea
President Barack Obama unveiled a new partnership with California aimed at tackling the ecological problems plaguing the Salton Sea.

The president revealed a package of environmental initiatives while touring the Lake Tahoe region Wednesday, including an agreement to create a path forward for the restoration of the Salton Sea.


California's largest lake has been shrinking because less water is flowing into it. Salton Sea levels could drop even more dramatically when the region's water managers stop putting mitigation water into the lake in 2018.

The federal government is agreeing to work closely with California to address issues linked to a shrinking Salton Sea. Those issues include exposed lakebed that could put more dust into air that already suffers from particle pollution.

The initiatives unveiled by the White House also call for the development of the Imperial Valley's geothermal power resources.