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Business Report: SeaWorld's New Leadership

The entrance to Sea World is seen, in Orlando, Fla. SeaWorld, Jan. 31, 2017.
Associated Press
The entrance to Sea World is seen, in Orlando, Fla. SeaWorld, Jan. 31, 2017.

KPBS reporter Susan Murphy and SDSU marketing lecturer Miro Copic discuss some of the week’s top business stories.

This week’s topics:

SeaWorld hires a new CEO

SeaWorld looked outside of the company for its new boss in hiring Gustavo Antorcha, a top executive for Carnival Cruise Lines. Antorcha will lead the company during a period of transition as it moves away from a business focused on live animal performances. SeaWorld has recently seen an increase in revenue after a downturn related to the Blackfish documentary.

GM CEO says company will go all-electric

General Motors plans to use electric vehicle technology in all of its models in the coming years. The announcement was made by the company's CEO in a talk with investors. GM's move is part of a trend in the auto industry, which is trying to reduce emissions and compete with emerging brands like Tesla.

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Trump administration reverses payday loan rules

In 2017, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, under the guidance of the Obama administration, imposed tougher rules on short-term lenders. This week, the Trump administration reversed the regulations in what's viewed as a win for payday loan companies.

Business Report: SeaWorld's New Leadership

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