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Mayor Faulconer Delays Full Parking Enforcement Again, This Time To October

A parking meter is seen in Hillcrest, April 3, 2017.
Katie Schoolov
A parking meter is seen in Hillcrest, April 3, 2017.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced Monday he has directed city staff to delay full enforcement of parking regulations until Oct. 1, to provide more support for residents impacted by COVID-19.

Parking enforcement has been limited to holiday or Sunday regulations in San Diego since March 16. During that time, the city has suspended citations for vehicles violating street sweeping parking restrictions, metered parking, time limits and yellow commercial zones. Citations have continued to be issued for vehicles parked illegally at red, white and blue painted curbs.

Previously, restrictions had been scheduled to return on July 1, Aug. 1 and Sept. 1, but the ongoing pandemic has prompted a delay each time.


According to Faulconer's office, before March the city processed an average of 42,000 parking citations per month. In April, the city issued 1,704 parking citations for violations of the holiday or Sunday regulations.

Restarting parking enforcement is seen as one small step toward restoring San Diego's economy by allowing for increased turnover of customers in business districts, Faulconer has said. But extending limited enforcement of parking regulations will provide additional relief for residents impacted by COVID-19 shutdowns.

"We know many San Diegans are facing financial hardship during this difficult time, and the last thing we want to do is add another burden like having to pay for a parking ticket," Faulconer said. "Delaying full parking enforcement is simply the right thing to do as we work together as a community to recover and rebound from this deadly pandemic."

Other jurisdictions in San Diego County have continued to enforce metered parking, so drivers are encouraged to review posted signage when looking for a parking space.

Street sweeping has continued throughout the public health emergency. During the limited enforcement period until Oct. 1, citations with corresponding fines will not be issued to vehicles parked in street sweeping zones.