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County Event Highlights Humor As Key to Vital Aging

San Diego County will host a conference on vital aging later this morning in Balboa Park. More than 400 local seniors are expected to attend the bi-annual event.

The theme of this year's conference is how seniors can use humor to remain healthy in trying times.

Accordingly, the keynote speaker is a doctor who's also a professional clown. All people in attendance will receive a red clown nose.

Denise Nelesen is with the San Diego County Department of Aging and Independent Services. She says laughter is great for everyone, especially seniors.

"It help improves your attitude about what's happening in your life, Nelesen says. "It lightens your mood. It's physically beneficial, because it relaxes you, it reduces your stress."

The event will also feature instruction on a variety of exercise regimens for seniors, including tai chi.