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Company Doesn't Want Medical Needs To Keep San Diego Voters From Polls

Falck San Diego provides non-emergency medical services in San Diego County.
Falck San Diego
Falck San Diego provides non-emergency medical services in San Diego County.

If you need medical assistance getting to the polls to cast your vote for San Diego's mayor or Solana Beach's Prop B, a San Diego company will give you a lift.

Falck San Diego, a subsidiary of Falck Alford, is offering its non-emergency transportation services to and from the polls for senior citizens and those who need special assistance.

Falck San Diego CEO, Rich Ahrendt, said his mother inspired the idea.

Get the latest news on the race for San Diego mayor and the two men in the running.

Ahrendt said his mom, who is "well into her 90s" and lives in Philadelphia, finds the thrill in going to the polls and casting her vote. He said he worried she would miss out on that opportunity if she were to ever fall ill.

"She's not a mail-in ballot person — she wants to pull that lever," he said.

To make sure San Diegans get that same opportunity, Falck is providing its services at no charge to those in need of a ride to the polls. Until 6 p.m., Solana Beach and San Diego voters can call 619-328-5600 to arrange a pick up time. Emergency medical technicians will provide travel to and from the location and wait with you as you cast your vote. Falck will also help verify your polling location.

The company first tried the service out during the Nov. 19 primary election in the San Diego mayor's race but Ahrendt said there weren't any takers.

"We didn’t get the word out until the morning of," he said.


This time around, he's hoping for a better turnout. But as of Tuesday afternoon, the company hasn't had any requests.

Falck dispatcher, Shannah Morrison, said she received some calls from residents looking to confirm their polling location, but so far, no requests for a ride.

"We have units available," she said. "Dispatchers here ready to help everybody out with their transportation needs."

Ahrendt said whether the service will be provided for elections in June will be based on how the program runs this time around.

But, he's optimistic.

"If one person uses this I will be happy today,“ he said.