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North County's First Crisis Home To Open In Escondido

The North Inland Crisis Residential Facility is shown, on May 20, 2016.
Kenny Goldberg
The North Inland Crisis Residential Facility is shown, on May 20, 2016.

The North Inland Crisis Residential Facility is the first of its kind in North County.

It's designed to be a safe, home-like setting for people with a severe mental illness who are in crisis.

It has nice bedrooms and a large, open kitchen. There’s a tastefully decorated living room, and a spacious outdoor patio.


The Community Research Foundation will operate the facility for the county of San Diego and provide mental health treatment. The foundation’s president, Linda Hammond, said it’s not a psychiatric hospital.

“In the hospital, it’s more professionals fixing you, rather than here, you’re taking responsibility," she said. "I can help myself, I can do this, I can take control of my life.”

The new crisis facility will house up to 15 people, with an average stay of nine days.

San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts said it will really fill a need in the community. Roberts said it’s fitting that the crisis house is called “Esperanza.”

That’s Spanish for hope.


“Hope to get well, hope to get back to a normal daily life, hope to be with their families and loved ones. And that’s what this is all about," Roberts said.

The North Inland Crisis Facility will accept its first clients in July.