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London Investigation Centers on Conspirators

Scotland Yard releases photos of Hasib Hussain, who it says blew up a bus in last week's attacks in London. Police say three of the bombers are thought to have attended the same mosque; the fourth is thought to be a Jamaican-born convert to Islam. All are now believed to have died in the attacks.

In releasing passport and CCTV images of Hussain, 18, Scotland Yard made a plea for information about his motions in the days before the attack. The most recent image of Hussain was taken at the Luton station on the morning of the attacks.

In addition to Hussain, police also released the name of another of the four men they believe carried out the attacks: Shahzad Tanweer, 22, who died in the Aldgate explosion. Reports have also named Mohammed Sidique Khan, 30, as another bomber, along with Lindsey Germaine, a British citizen born in Jamaica.

Hear Robert Siegel and Duncan Campbell of the London Guardian.

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