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McCain, Petraeus Join Troops in Iraq

The Fourth of July cookout at Camp Victory in Iraq drew some big-name visitors this year. Gen. David Petraeus, U.S. commander in Iraq, was there to preside over re-enlistment ceremonies. And Sen. John McCain, struggling in his campaign for president, told the troops that the country is behind them.

Polls show that McCain's strong support of the war is costing him among potential voters. The event at which the Arizona senator spoke today marked two milestones: More than 160 service members received U.S. citizenship — and 500 re-enlisted.

The soldiers at the Baghdad base are well aware of McCain's more than 20 years as a naval airman — and the five and a half he spent as a prisoner of war. He told the troops that there is no place he'd rather be on this Fourth of July, and that he understands their sacrifice.


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