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KPBS Announces Winners of the Explore San Diego Project

KPBS is pleased to announce two new local television programs: Savor San Diego and A Growing Passion. Both feature local experts in their field and are a recognizable part of the community. KPBS received 52 submissions for the Explore San Diego Project.

"KPBS is excited to add two new local shows to our schedule next spring. We want to further distinguish ourselves as the place for thoughtful local television programs that reflect our unique sense of place," said KPBS Director of Programming, John Decker.

Savor San Diego


Notable San Diego chef, restaurateur and cookbook author, Su-Mei Yu, will uncover San Diego’s hidden culinary treasures and show how they can be used to create delicious and healthful dishes at home. She will seek out off-the-beaten path San Diego centric growers, fisherman, vendors, products and all things food related in an effort to educate viewers on the multitude of unique resources we have available in our region. Each episode will take viewers on a fun and educational journey through a unique local food related item/place and culminate with an easy-to-follow cooking demonstration by Su-Mei Yu, one of San Diego’s most loved chefs.

A Growing Passion

As more and more San Diegans strive to make earth-centric choices, going green has gone mainstream. A Growing Passion is a lifestyle program that explores San Diego County’s agriculture, horticulture, gardening, and native habitats as an expression of this growing earth-friendly movement. Each episode is hosted by well-known San Diego gardening expert and journalist Nan Sterman, KPBS’s “garden guru.” Nan’s passion for sustainable gardening in our dry, Mediterranean climate sets the tone as she leads us through the rich and varied ways that San Diegans grow. She shares what’s trending, who’s tending, and how people across the county spend time improving the quality of life for all San Diegans.

"We're incredibly proud to offer two new TV programs next spring from two highly regarded experts. Nan & Su-Mei are San Diego icons who genuinely care about the community. They will be a great compliment to KPBS’ line-up of programs and offer unique outreach into our community," said Decker.

In July 2012, KPBS solicited submissions for programs that embody the “explorer spirit.” This is the first time KPBS has held an open call for programs and plans to continue to do it again next summer. KPBS will be looking for programs that are uniquely local, appeal to the diverse KPBS audience, and are able to tell a story. If your proposal was not selected, KPBS encourages you to prepare for next year’s contest.


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KPBS serves our local communities with news and entertainment programming that respects our audience with inspiring, intelligent and enlightening content. KPBS will deliver this content via multiple outlets, including television, radio, and digital media and will adapt and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

KPBS values integrity, truth, transparency and lifelong learning. At KPBS we strive to engage with our citizens and showcase the unique neighborhoods and people that make our community thrive. And as a public service of San Diego State University, education is a core value – from our children’s programming to our local news coverage. KPBS is committed to being a reliable source for in-depth, thoughtful, and high quality content.