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KPBS’ "Incoming" Podcast Explores Personal Stories From the Armed Forces

KPBS is premiering a new season of “Incoming,” a podcast series that shares the true stories of America’s military veterans, told in their own words, straight from their own mouths. The show is available now for download on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and other podcast players.

“Incoming” brings you hilarious, poignant, and always surprising original tales from the armed forces. Providing a forum for active duty military, veterans, foreign national interpreters and veteran family members, “Incoming” circumvents the agendas of politics and media to bring you honest on-the-ground experiences from the people who lived them.

"We're excited to dedicate the fifth season of ‘Incoming’ to some of our favorite loudmouths among the veteran community; comedians, authors, and satirists who've turned their military experiences into fertile ground for their civilian careers. We'll be showcasing voices from men and women who are making the most out of every instinct that got them in trouble while they were serving; speaking truth to power, pillorying the people whose orders they were required to carry out, maintaining their individuality while wearing the uniform, and since taking it off have flourished,” says producer and host Justin Hudnall.


“Incoming” is produced by So Say We All, a 501c3 literary and performing arts nonprofit, as part of the KPBS Explore Local Content project. The Explore initiative is a collaboration with local producers to grow the quality and quantity of uniquely local content.

The fifth season of “Incoming” will feature five episodes. The first episode will be released on March 6:

Episode 1: Comedy and Trauma with Allison Gill

Allison Gill is a musician, stand-up comedian, and host of the Webby Award-winning podcast, “Mueller She Wrote.” Her art has led to her to tackle topics such as sexual assault and social injustice through a confrontational and hilarious dark humor that manages to make scathing points about humanity and society, while still being objectively hilarious. A former Navy nuke, Gill cites a sexual assault early in her military life as the catalyst that drove her to uncomfortable subjects later in her work, partially as a means to take control over her trauma. Later, she recognized that in order to let her pain go, she had to let her jokes about her trauma go, too. She speaks to “Incoming” about that, the changing nature of comedy’s role in an increasingly self-scrutinizing society and how much fun it is to make people feel bad for laughing.

You can subscribe to the series now and catch up on the first four seasons by visiting, or just search “Incoming” in your favorite podcast app.


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