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National Soccer Tournament Will Call San Diego Home

Erik Anderson
Soccer players at the San Diego Surf Cup on July 28, 2017.

TheU.S. Soccer Development Academy is bringing the group's signature summer tournament to San Diego beginning in June 2018.

National Soccer Tournament Will Call San Diego Home
San Diego will host a major summer soccer event for the next three years, providing a boost for the local tourism economy.

The announcement came at the San Diego Surf Cup, a local tournament that brings more than 10,000 players to San Diego each year. The Surf Cup organization will also run the soccer academy event.


The national soccer event is expected to attract up to 32,000 visitors each year.

San Diego Tourism officials said that means about 23,000 hotel rooms will be filled during the two-week event.

"Because the kids will be here for a week at a time, they will be doing other things. Like maybe going to the attractions, going shopping. So, what you see is a ripple into your economy as people are going and doing, things and activities throughout the San Diego community," said Kerri Capich of the San Diego Tourism Authority.

This is the first time the organization has signed a multiyear contract with one location. U.S. soccer officials say the event has been held in five cities over the past 10 years.

"So, it's got a large economic impact in terms of travel spending coming into our community," Capich said.


Local officials say the addition of the national soccer academy bolsters San Diego's position as a soccer-centric community with a growing national reputation.