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Roundtable: Same-Sex Marriage, Manchester's Moves, Props A & B

Stampp Corbin, Publisher LGBT Weekly
Roundtable: Marriage Equality, Manchester, Props A & B
Guests: Stampp Corbin, publisher, LGBT WeeklyScott Lewis, CEO, VoiceofsandiegoDavid Rolland, Editor, San Diego CityBeat

Marriage Equality - This week President Obama made the announcement many had been hoping for -- or dreading, his approval of marriage for same-sex couples. Several San Diego politicians were ahead of him on this issue, including Mayor Jerry Sanders and all four mayoral candidates.

The President told ABC News that he had come to the conclusion that civil unions were not enough, a point reached by mayor Sanders months ago. We look at what this means to the state and the nation, at the reaction of San Diego's LGBT community, and whether the issue will have any impact on local primary races.


Manchester's Moves - The same month the UT trumpeted its endorsement of Carl DeMaio for mayor with a wrap-around, front page announcement, its editor, Jeff Light, was taped telling Nathan Fletcher about the paper’s anybody-but-Filner-for-mayor attitude during an editorial board meeting.

In addition, the ownership announced both a major condo and office development on its Mission Valley property and the near-finalization of the purchase of the Orange County Register.

All these events follow Manchester’s announcement last year of a plan for the development of a huge downtown sports complex on the waterfront and his expression of interest in the purchase of the North County Times.

What does Papa Doug Manchester really want?

Scott Lewis, Voice of San Diego

Propositions A & B - Is There A Problem Here? - San Diego Prop A would essentially ban project labor agreements. (PLAs mandate budget, timeline and pay for city construction projects.) Proponents say it means fairness in hiring. Opponents say its sole purpose is to bust the unions, since the city doesn’t currently require PLAs.


San Diego Proposition B would switch most new hires (except police) from pensions to 401Ks. It also mandates a five-year salary freeze for city employees. Those in favor say Proposition B will save the city close to $1 billion over 30 years. Those opposed say the savings come from the pay freeze – which is illegal -- not pension reform, and besides the city already reformed pensions in 2008.