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Divorcing In San Diego — At What Cost?

Divorcing In San Diego — At What Cost
Divorcing In San Diego — At What Cost?
GUESTS:Joe Sorge, Director/co-Writer Divorce CorpDavid Peters, San Diego Family Therapist

In an effort to streamline the divorce process in San Diego County courts impacted by budget cuts, a pilot project was launched recently to streamline the process. Those who qualify can walk into court -- and walk out one day, but it's not always that easy.

A new feature documentary looks at divorce -- as big business, a billion dollar a year industry. The film "Divorce Corp." points to flaws in the family court system that can result in couples spending more money and time to get divorced. The impact can break a family emotionally and financially.

We take a look at "Divorce Corp," and explore ways families can maneuver through the system and avoid added expenses and options available to them.

Divorce Corp Trailer