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Peters, DeMaio Trade Barbs In Latest TV Ads

Peters, DeMaio Trade Barbs In Latest TV Ads
Peters, DeMaio Trade Barbs In Latests TV Ads
Peters, DeMaio Trade Barbs In Latests TV Ads GUESTCarl Luna, political science professor at Mesa College

Political pundits predicted the race for the 52nd District would be a toss up and they were right.

A recent U-T San Diego /10 News poll finds incumbent Democrat Scott Peters and challenger Republican Carl DeMaio virtually neck and neck in the congressional race.

The pundits also predicted there would be lots and lots of money poured into the race from Political Action Committees and other groups and lots and lots of campaign advertising — right again. As we head into the final two weeks before the election, we'll take a closer look at some of that advertising and the messages it's sending.

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"The ads come in two general flavors: If they come from the campaign's group, they're pretty civil, if they come from independent groups and national campaigns, they're a bit more visceral," said political scientist Carl Luna on KPBS Midday Edition.

Though a lot of money has been put into this race on both ends, Luna said the ads haven't gotten too out of hand.

"Given the ads that are out, it didn't quite as visceral, didn't get into personal attacks. I would give it a "gentleman's C." It's been reasonably restrained."