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Could San Diego Be The Next Silicon Valley?

Could San Diego Be The Next Silicon Valley?
GUEST: Andrew Gazdecki, CEO, Bizness Apps

Was a San Diego got that the Bay Area hasn't for one thing it's now got the company Bizness Apps which just moved to La Jolla from Silicon Valley. That's not the only start up making the move the high cost of living and the intense competition for talent in San Francisco is encouraging a number of tech companies to look into relocating and San Diego is emerging as one of the favorite relocation destinations. Joining me is Andrew Gazdecki CEO and founder of Bizness Apps he wrote an article for and why he would is company to San Diego. And you're welcome. Thanks are having a. The Bay Area has long been viewed as For tech startups. Why would you want to move? Well, for one San Francisco as a whole is in my opinion become saturated to a point where there's a lot of disadvantages with startups and companies have to face when you operate their. I believe that Silicon Valley and San Francisco will always be the place that the next Google or Facebook will be created but for the 99 other percent of startups looking to start Grauer expand their business the competition in terms of talents, the price of office space, the commute time and just the ability to give your employees the quality of life they deserve making them feel like they are being fairly compensated. When you add all that up we look at our company and said do we have the talent that we need, can retract the very best talent in San Francisco considering where competing with Google, Apple. We're not just competing with really big companies in the city that wherein were competing with the biggest companies in the world. We felt by moving by a less saturated area like San Diego which is clearly an emerging Tech help we be able to track the best and the will to operate at a lower cost. There's a laundry list of benefits. So injury, there other areas in the country that are becoming tech hubs why did you decide on San Diego? They don't have beaches. The weather is not as nice. What we looked at was multiple different cities and we looked at multiple different cities also within the Bay Area. We looked at Oakland, East Bay, South Bay. We also looked at Seattle, Austin, and even Las Vegas. And those you can argue have similar tech hubs but we are -- what attracted is about San Diego was for one, untapped talent that without we saw. San Diego has one of the biggest computer science departments in the country. That's huge for us is a software company as we are trying to recruit engineers and trying to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond we would like to keep his engineers here. There's some stats is a 60% of commuters signs engineers moved to the Bay Area because there's not enough software jobs that are exciting. If you're young you want to work in an exciting, fun, innovative company and we like to think that we have that. That was one of the reasons, then it's hard to meet -- beats the quality of life year. Is also been a survey by which is recruiting. The number one relocation option for engineers outside of San Diego is San Diego. Unit outside of San Diego? Ones that they live in San Francisco and they were doing a nationwide search for talented engineers the number one place they are willing to locate is San Diego. What we do is we have a very easy way for any small business to create a mobile app. We greeted over 500,000 apps so far and we are pretty sure we created more mobile apps than any other company in the world. You plan on hiring 100 employees down here in San Diego? That's our plan. Are you experiencing any difficulties when it comes to talent. In the public sector of San Diego there's been a problem attracting people because of wages and benefits. I am wondering do you expect to encounter any problems in that area? I think with any sort of part of business there will be problems. We always like to expect the unexpected but we have Artie hired 10 San Diego residents. We plan to hire another 10 more within the next month or two. We are quickly expanding in establishing ourselves here in San Diego. One last question to you and that is you say in your tech crunch article that you see San Diego emerging as a tech up Haven what signs to use the but that's actually happening or going to happen? For one I would say the support from the city. I know Mayor falconer that's one of his key initiatives is to grow the innovation of the economy. That's exciting and I think to establish San Diego as an emerging Tech all that is to get more startups. I think with the amount of computer science students and universities around here my personal opinion is when you're exiting college you want to work at a startup. They are fine, they are fast-paced, you learn so much in such a short period of time. With all of that put together there's the talent pool, there's the support and all it takes is bringing more startups to San Diego. More than anything at Bizness Apps is we want to be an example that you don't need to be in San Francisco to start a company or start if you are a company you can expand in San Diego and track a lot of great talent. I've been speaking with Andrew Gazdecki CEO and founder of Bizness Apps. Welcome and thank you. Things are having a.

The San Francisco Bay Area has long been viewed as the world’s tech mecca, but a vibrant tech scene seems to be emerging in San Diego.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Tuesday to mark the opening of mobile app developer Bizness Apps. The company, which plans to hire 100 employees, recently moved its headquarters from San Francisco to La Jolla.


Bizness Apps CEO Andrew Gazdecki recently wrote in TechCrunch that competing for talent in Silicon Valley was getting too expensive and that he believes San Diego can be the next tech haven.

Gazdecki isn’t alone when it comes to betting on San Diego. A recent report listed San Diego in the top 10 U.S. cities with the most startup activity.

"With the amount of computer science students and the universities around here, my personal opinion is when you're exiting college, you want to work at a startup," Gazdeck told KPBS Midday Edition on Wednesday. "They're fun, they're fast-paced. You learn so much in such a short period of time. So with all of that put together, there's a talent pool."