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North County Roundup: Candidates Galore And A New Hotel

Stone Brewing
A rendering of the planned Stone Brewing hotel.

North County Roundup: Candidates Galore And A New Hotel
North County Roundup: Candidates Galore And A New HotelGUEST:Alison St John, North County reporter, KPBS News

This is the midday addiction and I am Maureen Cavanaugh. We have heard about the unprecedented size of the ballot racing voters in San Diego's this fall. Those in the North County also have interesting contest coming up. And joining me is Allison St. John. Welcome. Good morning. Last time we talked there were a number of husbands of Encinitas politicians who wanted to join the race for mayor. Can you remind us about that ? And give us an update. Kristin Gaspar who is the mayor who is running for the County Board of Supervisors. So who should jump in to replace her but her husband, Paul Gaspar and he is a physical therapist. In response, the mayor -- the husband of a former mayor decided that he would jump in in protest. We had 2 husbands jump in and saying that we are just as qualified to run. And why should he decide to start this career in Encinitas ? They took out ads in papers. But last week they decided to not run. Because they would have sabotaged the hopes of Catherine Blake's.. And she is running. Rather than splitting the vote, they are leading the race take place between Paul Gaspar and Catherine Blakespheere. There are a lot of races in the city of Carlsbad. There are a lot of races all over North County. This year all 9 cities have numerous challengers. And power way we have 10 candidates running for 2 seats. And this that we have seven people running for two seats. And Carlsbad seven people for two seats. Every city is hopping with city Council members. But because of the Academy is picked up and there is more business activity and more growth. Man to use issues are becoming a hot topic. People are jumping into the race for You say the mayor of Oceanside is the challenge ? Yes Jim would who has a stable base of support, it remains to be seen if any of his challengers get any traction. But he has a former Marine Corps Captain. and someone from one of the poor neighbor in Oceanside has come out of the labor -- would work. That race is not a foregone conclusion. There is a $455 million bond on the ballot. It has failed to pass upon in the last 50 years of its existence. Why are they trying again ? They are trying because they are saying that they have on the -- a large increase in enrollment. And there is a lot of demographic changes that are making community colleges part of our educational system. It is getting so expensive to go to college is like San Diego State. We've heard all of the stories about student debt being happy. A lot of people are finding that community colleges are the most affordable and most practical way to go to at least get started on their career ladders. So they were built in the 1960s. And they have not had a bond and all of that time. They merely passed upon four years ago. They lost by 200 votes. They are trying again. They have lowered the amount of the bond from nearly $500 million to 455 million, and the amount that each taxpayer would have to spend is less. It is only 15 $500 million to 455 million, and the amount that each taxpayer would have to spend is less. It is only $15 per $100,000. But the needs are similar. They have a new four-year -- a new four year bachelor's degree and bio manufacturing. This is a bond that is crucial for them. They are hoping that it will squeak passed the 55% yes vote this time. I do not want to be this conversation before we talk about Escondido being asked to build a new stone brewing hotel. This is attracting national hotel because it is the first brewing hotel in the nation. For us it is a big deal is because Escondido does not have any upscale hotels. This will be a major boost for Escondido. They have the Safari Park and the Center for the arts. They are attracting people to the city. But this will be the first good hotel. It will also be a unique hotel. You get a free beer when you sign in. It will be state of the art. It will have a roof garden. And everyone is looking forward to seeing what it will bring to the region. And it will be the -- it will billet near the stone brewing garden. Yes it is very essential. It is near the hops highway. There are so many craft brewing companies along that stretch. People who stay in the hotel will be staying off of the roads because that is one of the challenges for the North County law enforcement. With the hue resurgence and craft beer, how do you keep people safe from driving ? And the hotel is arguably a good way of doing it. You can stay, and have a few drinks and go up to your room and enjoy there. I have been speaking with Allison St. John. Thank you so much. My pleasure Marlene. -- Maureen Cavanaugh.

Unlike 2012, this election year has candidates everywhere in San Diego's North County — some of them popping in and then popping out again.


In Encinitas, the mayor's seat and three city council seats are on the ballot. For a short time, Paul Gaspar, the husband of outgoing Mayor Kristin Gaspar, was set to run for mayor against the husbands of two current city council members. But they dropped out in favor of Catherine Blakespear.

In Escondido, Councilwoman Olga Diaz, often on the losing end of a 4-1 vote, has a challenger in Joe Garcia, who was reportedly handpicked to oppose Diaz by Mayor Sam Abed.

And there's more.

Carlsbad is in the midst of races for mayor and four city council seats. But Mayor Jim Wood of Oceanside gets the prize — or not. He is facing five challengers for that position.

Meanwhile, Stone Brewing has announced it will build a 99-room boutique hotel tied to its brewery in Escondido. That city currently has nothing like a large, upscale hotel, which makes this project a very big deal for the city.