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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Have An Arty Halloween

Musician Danny Elfman (left) and director Tim Burton celebrate their may years of collaboration.
Musician Danny Elfman (left) and director Tim Burton celebrate their may years of collaboration.
San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Have An Arty Halloween
San Diego's Top Weekend Events: Have An Arty Halloween GUEST:Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

Halloween is coming up on Monday so this whole weekend is going to be spooked and there will be plenty of scary movies and haunted houses and pumpkin patch is but this year some of San Diego's art institutions are getting into the Halloween spirit. Joining me is Nina Garin. Before I said it I major that there are plenty of pumpkin patch is to seek and there are 11 farms all over San Diego. What else do we need? There is so much happening costume parties and a punk and patch and but I wanted to stop by in say that you can have a Halloween celebration and make a artistic also. Let's start with the San Diego Symphony. This year they are doing Danny Elfman's music from the films of Tim Burton. Tim Burton is known for his golf take on things. The orchestra will be performing the music from these films that Danny Elfman compose. What are some of the films? We have Beetlejuice, Edward Sisters hands and the nightmare before Christmas. Pilittere sample of this music in the movie the corpse bride. [ Music ] This concert -- will this concert have vocals? It will. SACRA/PROFANA will be there . The Symphony presents Danny Elfman's music from the films of Tim Burton Saturday at Jacob's music Center. The Oceanside Museum of Art is also putting a unique twist on Halloween. They've been putting on these art after dark parties for some time. They always sell out there a bunch of fun. This time around it is a Halloween themed party called beauties piece. Is inspired by an exhibition. Tell us more about the exhibition. It brings together the glamorous and the grotesque. They will be having paintings by Olivia. Olivia is a well-known pinup artist and she had her paintings and Playboy and captions were done by Hugh Hefner. He has the sculpture studio in creates these creatures for film so that's what the exhibit is going to be. So she does the beauties and he does the beasts. This time they will have DJs trapeze burlesque performances life painting and there might be a flash mock and you will have taste of temperature -- Camboucha Balboa Park always celebrates Halloween so what is happening there this weekend. This weekend they do in the day in they do their Halloween family day and that is still family-friendly. They have trick-or-treating at the cottages and they have their super famous pumpkin drop at the space Museum and then at the Japanese friendship guarding you can make monster masks. So they are for kids and family free? Some of them have slight charges like you have to pay to get into the museum. A lot of it is free. The spooky part begins when the sun goes down. The Spreckels Organ Halloween Silent Movie Night does their silent movie night and they will be doing Phantom of the Opera. And it will have live organ music. Let's hear what the music sounds like. [ Music ] The Phantom of the Opera will be screened Saturday night at sparkles -- Spreckels Organ Halloween Silent Movie Night. We cannot forget the day of the dead. They have a series called Amigo del REP. That is a series of free play readings by Latino artist and they're going to be doing one specifically for the day of the dead It is cold Historias Tenebrosas. That translates into spooky stories . And they will be doing storytelling of scary Mexican characters. They will be bringing up this El Cucuy which is the key man and the woman that cries all the time. Their classic scary characters. So somebody might say don't do that little kid because -- The bogeyman will coming get you. Is this scary for children? It is not spooky because it celebrates the ancestors of the spirit and the dead are not scary. The stories the kids might not want to listen to but there will be so much more for them. There will be tons of sweetbreads and hot chocolate and face painting and a lot of candy. If the stories are scary, the kids to do something else but the stories are what is attractive here. Historias Tenebrosas is Monday and Tuesday at the theater.

If you'd like to celebrate Halloween without a pumpkin patch or haunted house in sight, here are some options.

Danny Elfman's Music from the Films of Tim Burton

Music, Film

The San Diego Symphony welcomes the music of Danny Elfman, one of today's most successful film composers (and for those of you who remember, the leader of Oingo Boingo).

Elfman's famous scores of Tim Burton's films will be brought to life on stage by the orchestra, with choral music performed by SACRA/PROFANA. The concert will be enhanced by visuals on the big screen of Burton's original film sketches, drawings and story boards. Highlights include "Beetlejuice," "Edward Scissorhands," "Batman," "Big Fish," "Corpse Bride" and more.


Details: 8 p.m. Saturday. Jacobs Music Center at Copley Symphony Hall, 750 B St., downtown. $20 to $85; find tickets.

A poster for Oceanside Museum of Art's Art After Dark event.
A poster for Oceanside Museum of Art's Art After Dark event.

Art After Dark: Beauties Beasts

Visual art

The Oceanside Museum of Art celebrates Halloween with a costume party inspired by its pop-up exhibition, "Beauties Beasts."

The night's theme explores a place where the glamorous and the grotesque can co-exist in harmony, and guests will experience this through artwork by Olivia De Berardinis and Jordu Schell.

The evening also features food trucks, cocktails, music and more.


Details: 7 p.m. Friday. Oceanside Museum of Art, 704 Pier View Way, Oceanside. $25 to $60; find tickets.

A still from the silent film, "The Phantom of the Opera."
A still from the silent film, "The Phantom of the Opera."

Spreckels Organ Halloween Silent Movie Night

Film, Music

Catch a screening of the silent film, "The Phantom of the Opera," featuring organ accompaniment by Christian Elliott at the Spreckels Organ Halloween Silent Movie Night.

Starting at dusk, there will be movie snacks for sale including popcorn, nachos, drinks, and other treats. The film, starring Lon Chaney, begins at dark.

Details: 7 p.m. Saturday. Spreckels Organ Pavilion, Balboa Park. Free; additional information.

A traditional Dia de los Muertos altar.
A traditional Dia de los Muertos altar.

Amigos del Rep's Historias Tenebrosas


Amigos del REP is a series of free play readings by Latino artists put on by San Diego Repertory Theatre.

Historias Tenebrosas," which translates to spooky stories, is a show that highlights the similarities and differences between Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.

Find San Diego's best arts events on the KPBS/Arts events calendar.

The theater will be transformed into a carnival funhouse hosted by Señor y Señora Muertos where you'll find a costume contest, face painting, fortune telling, music, a children’s corner, hot chocolate, pan dulce and lots and lots of candy.

There will also be old-fashioned storytelling featuring traditional characters like El Cucuy (the boogeyman) or La Llorona (the crier) and chilling local folklore by regional playwrights, as well as puppetry and bedtime stories for the kids.

Please feel free to bring something to add to the Altars de Muerto.

Details: 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday. Lyceum Theatre, 79 Horton Plaza, downtown. Free; additional information.