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‘Whose Live Anyway’ Comedians Take San Diego Stage

Left to right. Greg Proops, Joel Murray, Ryan Stiles, Jeff B. Davis.
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Left to right. Greg Proops, Joel Murray, Ryan Stiles, Jeff B. Davis.
‘Whose Live Anyway’ Comedians Take San Diego Stage
‘Whose Live Anyway’ Comedians Take San Diego Stage GUEST: Greg Proops, cast member, "Whose Live Anyway?"

The last time you some people on stage coming up with unscripted responses to different scenarios you probably did not get a lot of laughs. Now there's a show coming to town that will give you a completely different idea about the comedy potential of spontaneous remarks. The comedians behind the show whose line is it anyway is bringing a live program. Joining me is a cast member Greg Proops. Welcome to the program. Good morning. For those who are familiar with your TV show let's start off with a from the show. Every week on whose line is it anyway TV show they improvise scenes and characters based on suggestions from the host and the audience. Is a live show different? It is, first of other are no cameras there and we bring a lot of people on stage to improvise with us and we it's way more but interactive experience. Watching on TV is like watching a party through a glass and being with us is like being in the kitchen with us at the party. Who will you probably performing with on the stage? I'd rather not say. The tall one Ryan Stiles and Joel Murray and Jeff Davis who's been on his line and also on a very popular podcast. Will there be a host? No. Just go up there ourselves and I come out there and introduce everybody and we get right into it and play games. We are very energetic and we sing a lot. There's a bunch of music on the show. We may not sing that well but we are enthusiastic. Here's a question how much of the show is actually kind of scripted? Do you have a general sense of what direction you are going to be taking it in quick We improvise everything we do. The only thing that we know is what games were going to play and everything else comes on the audience. So we improvise all of them basically. How does that work? Do people in the audience to make questions before the show or do they just shout things out quick They shout them out. We as people for suggestions and then they yell out and we take the first thing we here are the first thing that we like. So as an audience member of the California Center for the arts in Escondido this Saturday, suppose you are little bit shy and it could be intimidating to sit up front. Is there anything audience members should do to prepare just in case they are chosen to participate? I would have a drink and then were something that you like in case you get pulled on stage so you don't think Oh my god I was wearing a green and orange vest on stage. Okay so breast appropriately. I would where shiny dress shoes. After many years in the business doing standup, what do you do to stay sharp on stage ? I play hundreds of nights a year. I am a standup comedian and I have podcast. Tomorrow night we go back out on the road for three days this week and then I go to Portland and Vancouver, Iowa, London, and Paris. I worked all the time and all the boys do as well. Weep stay sharp at performing. Some members have been working together for more than a decade. Do you know where they will be going with a certain kind of a pit after these years? We have chemistry. Ryan and I have worked together since we were seven years old [ Laughter ]. We are like the warriors. Do still make each other laugh but Very much so. That is the best part of it. I don't think any of us would want would not would want to do anymore if we did not make each other laugh. We are blessed in that regard because we do make each other laugh a lot and we grabbed drink after the show and go over the things that worked and laughed. Do do and props specifically to the city that you are performing in quick I do. Known again. In Escondido, there's so much nearby there's the rough-and-tumble of San Diego and the part in this of La Jolla and then there's the village of Oceanside. [ Laughter ]. It is just teeming with possibilities. And then there's a fabulous place San Clemente that has the best Mexican restaurant in the world. The show comes to the California Center for the arts Escondido this Saturday at 7:30 and I've been speaking with a cast member, Greg Proops. Thank you so much. Thank you for pronouncing my name right, Marine. I appreciate it.

Whose Live Anyway

When: Saturday 7:30 p.m.

Where: California Center for the Arts, Escondido

Tickets: $25-$65

Comedy can be a major stress reliever. And there may be no better time for some big belly laughs than after Tuesday’s contentious election.

Fans of the Emmy-nominated television program “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” can experience the show live in San Diego this weekend.


As part of the “Whose Live Anyway” tour, comedians Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Jeff Davis and Joel Murray will perform some of the TV show’s games, songs and skits at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido on Saturday.

Proops will preview the show Tuesday on Midday Edition.