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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: 'Hamilton'-mania

A photo of "Hamilton" cast members (from left)  Ruben J. Carbajal, Michael Luwoye, Jordan Donica and Mathenee Treco.
Joan Marcus
A photo of "Hamilton" cast members (from left) Ruben J. Carbajal, Michael Luwoye, Jordan Donica and Mathenee Treco.
San Diego's Top Weekend Events: 'Hamilton'-mania
San Diego's Top Weekend Events: 'Hamilton'-mania GUEST:Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

The coolest tickets in town this week over the musical content which comes to The Civic Theatre in San Diego tomorrow. Much excitement among those who have tickets and those who still had to get them. San Diego is the 5th U.S. city to host Hamilton. Here to talk about the San Diego version is our arts calendar editor Nina Garin. Give us a quick refresher about the window in history that the story opens up. >> This is about Alexander Hamilton and the founding fathers specifically the feud between Hamilton and Ehrenberg. The musical was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and it 111 Tony's -- it one is 11 Tony's. >> This one seems to be unique right? >> Those other shows attractive people who were already into theater. But this one has a mixed race cast, hip-hop, R&B and jazz and appeals to people who love music and history and theater. >> Plus listen to a bit from Hamilton. This is called Yorktown. >> [ music ] >> Hamilton has moved beyond being a Broadway show and into mainstream pop culture. PBS has had a documentary and all kinds of spinoffs. >> Lin-Manuel Miranda is everywhere. You can see him on the Tonight Show, he is doing projects all over the place. The cast also. They have been on TV shows, they have been in movies, there is even a thing on YouTube called -- where if you love Hamilton too much, you have to do a hand signal to stop yourself from singing. Then there is also a mix tape that was released and as pop artists and they reimagine songs from the musical. >> Let's listen to a clip from the Hamilton mix tape of the song which is her. It is called immigrants. >> Is it Mac >> -- [ music ] >> So many people love the show that tickets are almost impossible to get. It has been an unusual process to get a seat >> I understand you are trying to get tickets. >> I was so disappointed. >> You have to sign up for a Ticketmaster presale code and even if you signed up, it was not guaranteed that you can buy tickets. Those who do get the code, when they were on the site, you had to move quickly because if you had to obey about a day or said the wrong thing online, you lost her chance. >> People even tried going and standing in line to get tickets because they released a few. It was very difficult. >> I understand there is still a way to get tickets? >> You have to be very lucky. There is a Hamilton lottery called #ham4ham. There are 35 orchestra Street -- seats that will be sold for $10. >> How does it work? >> Have to sign up online. You go to the website or the app and the lottery opens at 11 AM, two days before the show. You put your name and if you get in, you will be notified I think the day before the show. >> To do it, you go to or you can download the app . >> So it starts tomorrow, but two days before the show you want, you do that. Let's talk about the cast. Are there any performers that we have seen on stages before here? >> Actually there is. Rory O'Malley is King George and he played it on Broadway also. He was at the globe in he will be in the San Diego cast. We just now got the list of who is going to be Hamilton and Burr. Hamilton will be played by Austin Scott and Nicholas Christopher will be Ehrenberg. >> You saw the show in New York last year. >> I was so excited and I worried that it wouldn't. Along with it being clever and the amazing talent, that was performing, the audience is just so excited to be in the room that it translates to this magical time. I've really never experienced anything like it. Hopefully in San Diego, that comes across also. >> Do you expect there to be single children in the audience. I hear people say they want send their kid if they only have one ticket. >> Parents are giving up the opportunity and sending their teenagers. There was a Facebook chat where a mother was like I am sending my kid. >> What an opportunity. Let's leave with former song from the musical Hamilton. This is the Schuyler sisters. >> [ music ] >> Hamilton opens tomorrow and runs through January 28 at the San Diego Pacific theater. Nina, thanks so much. >>That is Nina Garin. >> [ music ] >> Midday Edition is -- midday edition senior producer is Megan Burke. Executive producer is Natalie Walsh. Technical director is Emily Jankowski. Stay with us for KPBS roundtable coming up after the break.I am Alison St. John in Fortran 20. Have a great weekend. >> -- In for NAMI. Have a great weekend.

"Hamilton" is here!

The smash musical about America's Founding Fathers opens in San Diego this weekend and so many people are excited, even people who don't particularly like theater.

In San Diego, the role of Hamilton will be performed by Austin Scott, and Aaron Burr will be played by Nicholas Christopher. Other principal roles include Julia K Harriman as Eliza Hamilton, Sabrina Sloan as Angelica Schuyler, Rory O'Malley as King George, and Chris De'Sean Lee as Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson.


There's been excitement over musicals before — "The Book of Mormon" and "Wicked" were also hot tickets to get. But those didn't crossover to mainstream culture the same way as "Hamilton."

San Diego's Top Weekend Events: 'Hamilton'-mania

A major reason for the buzz is because the show tells the story of the country's founding through the eyes of immigrants. Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Hamilton" features a mixed-race cast and a soundtrack filled with hip-hop, R&B and jazz music.

Since it debuted on Broadway in 2015, it's gone on to win 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, a Pulitzer Prize and dozens other prestigious honors.

Of course, this all means that tickets are difficult to get, and all San Diego shows are sold out. But thanks to the "Hamilton" digital lottery, also known as #ham4ham, 35 orchestra seats will be sold at each show for $10.

You can enter by using the official "Hamilton" app on your smart phone, or go to The lottery opens two days before each performance date and only one entry is allowed per person per performance.


"Hamilton" opens Saturday, Jan. 6 and continues through Sunday, Jan. 28.