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'The 50th' Tells Story Of Hunter Resignation, Race To Replace Him

"The 50th" trailer

The scandal that led to the resignation of Duncan Hunter from congress and the race to replace him is the subject of a new documentary series called "The 50TH: A scandal. A dynasty. An election." The documentary is from The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The scandal that forced Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter to resign his congressional seat is the subject of a new San Diego Union-Tribune documentary series called: "The 50th: A scandal. A dynasty. An election."

Sam Hodgson, the producer and photojournalist behind the series, joins Midday Edition on Monday to discuss why the newspaper decided to tell the story in a documentary series.


The series will be screened Wednesday evening at The California Center for the Arts in Escondido. It will be followed by a Q&A with Hodgson and reporter Morgan Cook, the reporter who broke the story. Tickets are available at

The series will also be available at beginning Thursday.