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San Marcos pastry chef wins US Chocolate Master title

Christophe Rull.jpeg
Courtesy of Christophe Rull
The U.S. Chocolate Master, Christophe Rull is creating his masterpiece called "Ocean," which represents a manta robot that cleans and collects plastic in the ocean and transforms it into renewable energy, Oct. 07, 2021.

San Marcos resident Christophe Rull earlier this month was crowned the U.S. Chocolate Master after competing in the World Chocolate Masters American semifinal competition in Chicago.

The pastry chef, now known as "America’s Chocolate King," is now preparing to represent the United States in the World Chocolate Masters competition in Paris next fall. Rull said if he wins the global competition in Paris, he would be the first U.S. champion in the competition's history.

Rull was born in France and started his culinary career there. When he moved to the U.S., he spent five years working at the Park Hyatt in Carlsbad, creating unique chocolate sculptures.


He joined KPBS Midday Edition to talk about what the title means to him, and how his journey started.

"The World Chocolate Master is one of the biggest competitions in my field, and it's something you always look out for as a young student when you start culinary school," Rull said. "Since the beginning, I was like if one day I can get to that level, that will really be a great achievement."

As part of his competition assignments, Rull incorporated his love for oceans in his creations.

"I am an ocean lover, and I know how important the ocean is for humans and for the planet, so I really focused on that theme," Rull said.

He has competed in multiple competitions featured on the Food Network, such as "Halloween Wars" and "Holiday Wars." He is also featured in the Netflix series "Bake Squad."


Rull will be competing against 21 other countries at the World Chocolate Masters competition next fall.

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