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Trans woman tells her side of the story in Santee

Two weeks ago, a young woman spoke at a Santee city council meeting, about feeling "terrified" when she realized she was in the YMCA locker room at the same time as a transgender woman, whom she repeatedly misgendered. Her remarks were picked up by right-wing media outlets, and she appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

On Wednesday at a Santee council meeting, the woman at the center of the controversy, Christynne Wood, had her turn at the microphone. She read a prepared statement outlining her long career in civil service and her role as a mom and grand-mom. But she hit one point extra hard, and she said it twice.

"I am a threat to no one," Woods said. "Transgender is simply a medical condition, as is my need to wear corrective lenses when I drive."


Christynne Wood joined Midday Edition on Thursday to talk about why she decided to speak up.