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Amtrak weekend service between San Diego, Orange County resumes

Pacific Surfliner locomotive in an undated photo.
Amtrak California
Pacific Surfliner locomotive in an undated photo.

Amtrak weekend services resumed Saturday for the first time since operations were suspended in October after a storm surge damaged a stretch of track that runs along coastal San Clemente forcing emergency repair work.

While weekday services still remain suspended, the change represents a step forward in normalizing operations for the second busiest rail corridor in the nation.

Freight services have continued during the repair work in a limited capacity.


Eric Carpenter, spokesperson for the Orange County Transportation Authority, said while there is no exact timetable for a return to weekday operations he expects repairs to be finished in March.

Carpenter and Jason Jewell, managing director of the Los Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo Rail Corridor Agency, joined Midday Edition on Monday with more on the partially restored rail services.