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Reveille - Deadly Weekend, Marines Prep For Long Haul, Camp for San Diego Military Kids, Inquiry Ignores Civilians, Taliban Wear US Uniforms in Failed Attack

US troops, Afghan politician targeted in deadly weekend - Seven US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan this weekend, as well as an Afghan parliamentary candidate and five campaign workers. President Karzai's chief of staff also said the US must alter its strategy to defeat the Taliban. Christian Science Monitor Marines in Afghanistan prepared for a long haul - As the death toll in Afghanistan climbs, the top Marine warns that it could take as long as five years to defeat the Taliban and help the Afghan government establish a credible presence. Gen. James Conway said he expected Marines to be here until 2014 or 2015. Be prepared for a second or third tour, he said. Los Angeles Times

San Diego camp when mom or dad is deployed - Operation Camp Hero in Tierrasanta, which is run by the Armed Services YMCA Youth and Community Team, is available for free to enlisted families in San Diego. NBC San Diego

Iraq inquiry accused of ignoring civilian deaths - The official inquiry into the Iraq war being held in London has been accused of ignoring civilian deaths. Iraq Body Count (IBC) has recorded up to 106,000 civilian deaths since the allied invasion. The organization said the equivalent of an Iraq war inquest was needed because the inquiry had failed to address the issue. Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Taliban dressed as US military attack NATO bases - About two dozen Taliban militants - at least some dressed in US military uniforms - were killed in a failed attempt to storm two US-run bases in a city in eastern Afghanistan. Sydney Morning Herald

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