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Marine Corps Celebrates "Family Values" This Hispanic Heritage Month

Marine Corps honors Spanish Heritage Month
Marine Corps honors Spanish Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) is launching a new multimedia campaign entitled 'Family Values.' This campaign celebrates the strong positive ideals shared by Hispanic Americans and the Marine Corps by featuring the personal testimonials of Latino men and women currently serving. 'Family Values' will run nationally online from today, September 15 through October 15 and will also feature radio and print PSA's (like the one at right).

"When I think of Hispanic Heritage Month and the Marine Corps, I think of pride, opportunity, and diversity," says Capt. Mike Alvarez, who's been a Marine for 19 years and has been at Camp Pendleton since 2005. Alvarez, whose mother is Puerto Rican and whose father is El Salvadoran, adds, "I also think of the values the Marine Corps shares with my heritage: honor, courage, and commitment, all of which enhance the collective contribution of every service member and help us accomplish our mission."

Darrin Kazlauskas, assistant chief of staff for advertising, Marine Corps Recruiting Command, adds in a statement, 'The ideals of honor, courage and commitment are not exclusive to the Marine Corps. Hispanic American families, like all great families, instill these values so that each generation can move forward and become positive members of their communities. We are proud to serve with all our Marine brothers and sisters who hold these values in high esteem.'


'Family Values' offers the public a window into the personal lives of Hispanic Marines and demonstrates the ways in which the fundamental values of Hispanic Americans and the Marine Corps are one. Hispanic Marines of various ages and ranks are featured within the campaign and each story shared is an authentic celebration of both worlds.

Snippets of the 'Family Values' testimonials and in-depth profiles will also be featured on YouTube as well as on Facebook. The campaign will also include banners and Web page takeovers on sites from September 15 through October 15. For more information on the Marine Corps, its legacy and opportunities available, visit or call 1-800-Marines.