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DAILY REPORT: Military Families, Student Vets, Marines, Padres, New Citizens, and more

Issues affecting student veterans - For a veteran, making the transition from military life to college life can be especially difficult. We outline ten issues affecting the men and women who've gone from the service to campus. Marines, not baseball, are Padres announcer Jerry Coleman's proudest days - Jerry Coleman wore the Yankees' pinstripes for nine seasons, but remains the proudest of his service in the Marines. Standing proud with our newest citizens, honoring our veterans - Seventy-two service members from 24 countries were sworn in as new U.S. Citizens during the 7th Annual All-Military Veterans Day ceremony aboard the USS Midway Museum in San Diego. A wounded soldier with an unbeatable spirit - Battling five years of PTSD and pain from a knee war injury, veteran Severa Rodriguez, who was stationed at Camp Pendleton, reveals a story of commitment, perseverance and honor.