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Daily Report: Vets' Job Crisis, Pendleton Cuts, Navy Timing, 9/11 PTSD and more,

Unemployment 'good news' doesn't extend to veterans - While America's overall unemployment rate has dropped to a 9.4 percent, a 19-month low, but the jobless rate among young military veterans who have served since September 2001 rose from 10 percent in November to 11.7 percent in December. Proposed Pentagon cuts' affect on Camp Pendleton - The base will be severely impacted as will the local private sector who has worked on the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle project. Navy firing over videos raises questions of timing - The Navy fired the captain of the USS Enterprise more than three years after he made lewd videos put the military under pressure to explain why it acted only after the videos became public. Over 3,000 survivors of World Trade Center attacks suffered PTSD - Study says starting evacuation late, being on a higher floor upped risk for psychological trauma. Spoof of WW II war training films - In the form of a satire on WWII military training film, 'declassified' under the Freedom of Information Act.