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Man Involved in Helix High Incident Is Decorated Gulf War Veteran With PTSD

Helix High School
Helix High School

In yet another example of what seems to be an endless stream of stories about veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who become enmeshed in potentially violent incidents, the brother of the man who police say was behind the call that prompted a lockdown at Helix High School in La Mesa on Friday says his PTSD may be to blame.

David Schreiner reportedly called Helix High on Friday morning saying there would be a shooting, which prompted a campus security alert and a lockdown at the school for several hours. Schreiner's brother Greg Schreiner told 10News that David was a decorated veteran of the Gulf War who served as a Marine Corps tank commander and may have experienced some kind of flashback when he called the school about a shooting. He says his brother's 20-year battle with PTSD may have triggered the phone call.

According to local reports, police searched of David Schreiner's house in El Cajon and seized several firearms. His brother said they were collectors' items and included vintage shotguns and revolvers that belonged to his deceased father. David Schreiner was reportedly in police custody undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.


In a statement, Schreiner's family said no crime was committed and that no threats of violence were made. Said Greg Schreiner of his brother: