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Marines Dominate Social Media, Surpass 1 Million Facebook Fans

The United States Marine Corps recently surpassed one million fans on its recruiting command's Facebook page and has more "likes" than any other official military service page.

The first branch of themilitary with an official Facebook presence (it launched in 2008), the page has been viewed more than 73.8 million times with more than 420,000 interactions ("comments" and "likes") over the last 12 months, according to a new report from the Marine Corps.

The recruiting command is increasingly using social networking sites to connect and communicate with potential Marines, Marine parents, supporters, and more, says Lt Col Darrin Kazlauskas, assistant chief of staff for advertising, Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC), who noted in a statement:


The Marines also have a presence on YouTube, Twitter and MySpace. To help share the story of the Marine Corps and provide a more immersive experience, MCRC also recently launched two new tabs and a custom Marine Corps-branded Facebook application.

The Marines tab was created to provide a more targeted and engaging content experience for new and active users, providing relevant videos, applications and links to other Marine Corps websites and social properties, and helps direct users to additional information.

Then there's Marine Connect, which helps facilitate connections with a map tool that gives users the ability to pin-point their current city, forming virtual networks of Marines, potential Marines, Marine Corps families, and supporters worldwide.