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Racist, Threatening Fax Sent to NASCAR Proposal Lawmaker

A few days ago I wrote about the efforts of a Minnesota congressman, Rep. Betty McCollum, to halt military sponsorship of NASCAR. I felt the story was on the light side of things, considering how heavy the military beat can (and should) be. However, someone who obviously needs an appointment with a mental health professional has taken things too far.

Talking Points Memo has reported that McCollum received a threatening fax this week about the NASCAR proposal - a fax so troubling in nature that McCollum notified Capitol police to investigate. TPM has a copy of the fax posted on its site, and it is racist, vulgar, and offensive in every way possible. I've got to warn you, as bad as you think it might be, it's even worse. I'm not posting a direct link to the fax, but you'll find a link in the TPM article.

Considering what happened recently to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, you would think the fax sender would think twice about threatening a member of Congress.