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Women Belong in Combat, According to a New Report

We've come a long way, baby. The Military Leadership Diversity Commission is recommending to Congress that women start serving in combat, according to a Department of Defense news release. There's currently a ban in place that prevents women from being assigned to ground combat units, although critics of that policy say women already currently serve in combat situations. The chair of the commission, retired Air Force General Lester L. Lyles, says that keeping women out of combat creates a glass ceiling in the military:

If you'd like to hear from women in the military on serving in combat, click here. NPR did a great series on the subject at the end of February. A lot of touching and surprising moments - so listen up!

Click here to read whole report. I know a lot of you have strong feelings about this subject, and I'd love it if you'd do Home Post the honor of commenting here!