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The Latest News on Libya

The news coming out of Libya has really run the gamut today. The Associated Press reports Moammar Gadhafi made a surprise appearance at a Tripoli hotel that houses international journalists. The reporters had been waiting to speak with the embattled Libyan leader, but ABC reports he only spoke with Turkish and French television before hightailing it. His spokesman said of the bizarre cameo:

At least someone was in a good mood. Other, more reality-based international leaders are actually disturbed by what's going on in Libya. President Obama talked via telephone with British Prime Minister David Cameron today on what the heck to do about Gadhafi. Cameron talked to the BBC about the meeting:

The oddest news about Libya came out of Afghanistan today. According to the Telegraph, General David Petraeus and Defense Secretary Robert Gates shared a bit of gallows humor, joking about an attack on Libya. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep yourself from crying. Here's the video: