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It's "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day" in California

The day before many Californians will get the day off of work because of Cesar Chavez Day, Governor Jerry Brown has declared today, March 30th, as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day." Brown isn't alone in his declaration, as the United States Congress has also designated today as a day to honor Vietnam Veterans. This designation was brought about in part by the work of the Vietnam Veterans of America, the country's only Congressionally chartered, nonprofit organization focused solely on Vietnam Vets and their families. The guiding principle of VVA is the following:

With all the yellow ribbon magnets on the back of SUVs these days, we might forget how badly many returning Vietnam Vets were treated coming home. A press release by the VVA reminds us.

California Governor Jerry Brown seconded this, saying in his own proclamation:


So if you know a Vietnam Vet, today might be a great opportunity to say thank you. They probably haven't heard it enough.