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Military Pay Guaranteed Through Gov't Shutdown, Under New Bill

A new bill proposed by House Republicans would guarantee servicemembers could collect their paychecks and keep their benefits if the government comes to a screeching halt because Congress doesn't pass a budget. According to the Army Times, current Pentagon policy would require troops to work without pay during a government shutdown, though they would get their salaries retroactively. The proposed legislation by Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas would...

Interestingly enough, the "Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act," might not be completely necessary if the government shuts down for less than a month, as Fox News has pointed out:

The Stars and Stripes did a pretty in-depth piece in February about exactly how the military would be affected by a government shutdown. Basically, the lives of active-duty troops wouldn't be disrupted at all in terms of having to report for duty. In addition, veterans would still be able to draw on their benefits. Want to learn more? Click here to read the entire article.