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Citizen Soldiers Provide Critical Help in Tornado Outbreak Aftermath (Video)

President Barack Obama tours Tuscaloosa
Getty Images
President Barack Obama tours Tuscaloosa

The worst tornado outbreak in almost 40 years has prompted Alabama's governor to double the number of National Guard troops he's sending to Tuscaloosa (one of the hardest hit cities) from 500 to 1,000 - according to the Los Angeles Times. The Department of Defense reports that 1,200 National Guard troops are currently mobilized in six Southern states, clearing roads and helping protect citizens whose world has been literally turned upside down.

President Barack Obama today toured the area is disbelief. Reuters quotes the president as saying...

President Obama declared a federal state of emergency for Alabama last night, which frees up government money for people who lost their homes. Reuters estimates it will cost billions of dollars to rebuild areas of the South decimated by the tornado outbreak.


The death toll is ever-changing, but here are ABC News' statistics as of this morning:

The Department of Defense posted this video roundup of all the National Guard is doing to help: