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Hero Soldier Who Foiled Bank Robbery Honored (Video)

Army Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples
Army Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples

Army Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples was home on leave in Florida, running errands with his kids, when his military training came in handy in a most unusual way. CBS News reports Peoples was in a Sarasota Bank of America went a robbery went down, with alleged perpetrator Matthew Rogers whipping out a gun. That's when the Iraq War veteran sprang into action, according to the New York Daily News.

Peoples told Fox Tampa Bay:

Bank survellience video captured the robbery and Peoples' subsequent heroics on camera. You can click here to take a look. Most surprising aspect to me: Peoples was wearing Crocs when he performed his brave deeds.


The Sarasota County Sheriff's Department honored Peoples this week for his bravery. Here's Peoples at the award ceremony describing in detail how he foiled the bank robbery using his military skills, courtesy of the Pentagon Channel: