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Would You Like to Adopt a Marine?

One of my favorite blogs is called "Semper Fi Momma," and it's authored by the wife of a Camp Pendleton Marine. Semper Fi Momma is filled with helpful advice for military wives and moms, and ways to support our troops overseas.

SFM's author is now organizing a program she calls "Adopt a Marine," where adopters agree to write to deployed Marines who have no family with whom they're in regular contact.

There's some scientific evidence that writing to the troops helps more than just their morale. Last week Home Post blogged about a University of Denver study that found soldiers who received letters and care packages from their wives were less likely to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms. Perhaps some written words of support from a caring stranger can help them, too.


SFM has set up some ground rules for adopting a Marine:

  1. Write a letter to your Marine no less than twice a month
  2. During the length of their deployment send at least one care package (I was originally going to ask a minimum of 3 but for now I'm just asking that people at least send one or whatever they can manage)
  3. Understand that you CANNOT talk about your Marine's whereabouts or current activities (you will be required to read the OPSEC guidelines and confirm that you understand and will comply with them)

Sound like fun? Then get in touch with Semper Fi Momma via her Twitter account: @semperfimomma, or by clicking here to visit her blog.