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Military Funeral Protection Bill Passes Legislative Hurdle (Video)

Westboro Baptist Church protesters
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
Westboro Baptist Church protesters

It all started with Zach Parker, and a project he created for his government class when he was a senior in high school. Parker's project centered around an idea to protect military funerals from protesters, and that idea is now a full-fledged bill moving through Congress.

Maine Senator Olympia Snow is sponsoring the legislation, called the Sanctity of Eternal Rest for Veterans Act, or SERVE Act. The Portland Press Herald reports the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee voted unanimously yesterday to approve the bill and send it to the full senate for a vote.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Snowe's bill would increase from one hour to two hours the time protests cannot take place before and after funerals for servicemembers. In addition:


I found this interesting video feature from Bangor television station WLBZ. The station reported back in January the story of Zach Parker and his ambitious high school government class project: