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No Military Pay if Debt Ceiling Not Raised? (Video)

If our elected officials can't agree to raise the debt ceiling by August 2nd, the government won't have the money to pay military salaries, and veterans won't get their hard-earned benefits. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen told This Week in Defense News that there is definitely a "fundamental question" of how troops would get paid if the debt limit isn't raised. (See video of the interview below.)

Presidential hopeful and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is working on a Plan B if lawmakers refuse to raise the debt limit. She's introduced a bill that would require the government "prioritize" paying members of the military if the United States reaches its debt limit. According to The Hill:

The bill specifies that salaries and other allowances to active members of the Armed Forces and reservists is a priority if the debt limit is reached, and would require the appropriation of funds needed to make these payments.

You have to wonder, though... If our elected leaders can't agree on whether or not to raise the debt ceiling, could they really agree on passing this bill? Where would the money to pay our military come from?


For some more information on how hitting the debt ceiling would affect the military, watch this interview with Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen, courtesy of This Week in Defense News: