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Mila Kunis WILL Go to the Ball with Marine (Video)

The saga of Mila Kunis and the Marine continues. The last we heard, Kunis had broken her date with Sgt. Scott Moore. Moore hadasked the actress to accompany him to his Marine Corps Ball in November. Moore is currently serving in Afghanistan, and asked Kunis on a date via a YouTube video that has since garnered more than 3,000,000 views.

Kunis's "Friends with Benefits" costar Justin Timberlake hadhelped convince her to say yes to Moore's invitation. But then word spread that Kunis' movie-making commitments would prevent her from going. (On a side note, afemale Marinehas since asked Timberlake to her Marine Corps Ball on YouTube.)

But today, during a promotional event for "Friends with Benefits," Kunis set everyone straight, saying she will absolutely accompany Moore to the Ball.


Here's videoof Mila clearing the air about her future dating schedule, courtesy of the "Friends with Benefits" promotion team:

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