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Disabled Retired Military Dog Saved from Certain Death

Gloria Hillard

Rocky the German Shepherd, a resident of Camp Pendleton, was scheduled to die on August 24 because the retired military working dog was disabled and had no handler to care for him. But as of this morning, Rocky has been saved by an anonymous, kindhearted family who has agreed to adopt him.

Let me backtrack a bit: Pets for Patriots put the word out earlier this week that Rocky needed a home or would be put to sleep on August 24. Rocky had served three tours of duty in Iraq as patrol and explosives dog, and had returned home to Camp Pendleton. But a degenerative disease rendered Rocky unable to continue working, and so it was time to find him a loving home for his retirement.

Yet where "home" would be was quite a quandary, because he had no handler to take him in. According to Pets for Patriots, military protocol prohibits patrol dogs from being surrendered to an animal shelter, so the only alternative was for Rocky to be adopted - and quickly. When no one stepped forward, Rocky's execution was scheduled.


But as of this morning, Pets for Patriots reports a loving family has agreed to take Rocky into their hearts and home. Hooray for Rocky!