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Ending Homelessness Among Military Vets Easier Said Than Done [VIDEO]

In 2010, the Obama Administration set a goal to end homelessness among military veterans within five years. This week they announced they were on track and reported a 12 percent decline in the number of homeless vets nationwide.

Mark Galloway served two tours in the Marines as a diesel mechanic. But his toughest challenge came many years later. Galloway ended up homeless on skid row in Los Angeles where he eventually met his wife. As he explains in this story, he went from homeless to hopeful after seeking help from the VA San Diego Healthcare System.

Galloway said the VA is there to help any veteran willing to reach out. After volunteering at the hospital for several months, he was hired as a nursing assistant.

The war in Iraq has been officially ended in Baghdad. The last American troops are scheduled to return Dec. 18, 2011. Historically, many vets returning from war end up homeless.

The Obama Administration plans to spend $100 million to expand its Homeless Prevention Program for Veterans.

The goal is to end homelessness among vets by 2015.

We speak to Jessica Brian, who helps run one of the largest departments at the VA San Diego Healthcare system. And we'll also speak with Phil Landis, who has been working with the Veterans Village of San Diego for 15 years.