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Nonprofit Gets Military Families Home For The Holidays


A military family of five is being treated to a trip to Philadelphia for their first Christmas visit home in five years today thanks to the San Diego-based nonprofit Home for the Holidays and Southwest Airlines.

Patrick and Kimberly Herman and their three children will make the trip. According to Home for the Holidays, a lot of the money the Hermans saved for their travel had to be spent treating a child's illness.

The organization is helping 45 military members travel to visit loved ones over the holidays, more than half of whom have suffered illness or a loss of a family member this year, and about one-third of whom are preparing to deploy.

Three recipients of travel assistance this year are simply going home to be with their wives and children, according to the group.

Home for the Holidays works with Operation HomeFront, the San Diego Armed Services YMCA and the Navy's Fleet & Family Services.