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Military Baby Grabs President's Mouth, Makes Headlines (Video)

The eight-month-old baby of a Hawaii-based Marine has grabbed headlines by doing what a lot of babies do - sticking their curious little hands into someone's mouth. Except in this instance, that someone was the president of the United States.

Little Cooper Wagner was snuggled in the arms of President Obama on Christmas Day, posing for a picture with his parents, Marine Capt. Greg Wagner and Meredith Wagner. Cooper appeared fascinated with the president's face, so much so that when it was time to snap the photo, he reached his tiny hand up to Obama's face and stuck his fingers in the president's mouth.

Capt. Wagner later told ABC News that President Obama seemed amused by the whole thing:

Capt. Wagner said the Secret Service didn't appear concerned about his son's proximity to the Commander-in-Chief's mouth.

The Associated Press captured the entire event on video: