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Gov't to Pay $18 Million to Marine Jet Crash Family

A San Diego man who lost his wife, mother-in-law, and two daughters when a military jet crashed into his home has been awarded $17.8 million in a lawsuit.

Despite the fact Don Yoon and his father-in-law had sued the federal government for $56 million in emotional and monetary damages, Yoon attorney Brian Panish told the Associated Press he thought the decision of U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller was fair. Panish said:

"The family is happy that this part of the process is over, but they've lost so much that they will never get back."

36-year-old Youngmi Lee Yoon, 15-month-old Grace Yoon, 2-month-old Rachel Yoon, and Youngmi's 59-year-old mother Seokim Kim Lee were killed on December 8, 2008 when a Marine Corps F-18 fighter jet crashed into their home in University City. Pilot 1st Lt. Dan Neubauer survived by ejected from his plane before it dove into the Yoon home.